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I would like to model for SDI, how do I apply?

Fill out the application over here, and we'll let you know when there is a shoot where you're needed! 

Do I have to have modeling experience to apply to model?

Definitely not! Some of our best stock models came to us with zero modeling or acting experience. The most important things we look for are great smiles, enthusiasm, and a desire to have fun on set!

How do I purchase one of your photos or videos?

All of our images are available for regular use licensing only on and If you need help finding where to purchase one of our images or videos, please contact sales.

Can I request custom photos or videos to be taken at a future photoshoot?

Yes! Please fill out this form with as many details as possible and we'll contact you with pricing and a time estimate! You can even reference specific actors from one of our previous images :) 

When should I purchase an image from Getty Images instead of iStock?

The main advantage of a Getty Images license is that it offers you more legal protection if there is an issue in the future. As a general rule, it's better to use the Getty license if the image will be used extensively or by a large organization.

What is a market freeze license and can I purchase this for one of your images?

Market freeze licenses allow you to use an image or video exclusively for a specified period of time, usually from three months to three years. For both images and videos, Market Freeze licenses are available. Contact sales if you would like more information..

What is a market freeze license and can I purchase this for one of your images?

For most of our images and videos, Yes!

Can I purchase a complete Copyright Buyout of one of your images or videos?

Yes you can! Prices vary from image to image, so please contact us for more info.

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